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For the Choice of the Right forklift: Your Choice

For poets inspired by snow-white landscapes, winter is a beautiful season. As for those who are prescribed the use of special equipment by the nature of their activities, they are unlikely to agree with this statement. Any machine requires care, and a machine that works in the enhanced mode needs it even more. The cold will come very soon, and if you have not yet put your workaholic in order, then just do it


One of the guarantors of productive work at any time of the year is a quick engine start. If you use an electric forklift in the winter, then make sure that in the place where it stays overnight, the thermometer shows no lower than +10 degrees. Optimal for loaders with internal combustion engines will be a mode from 0 to +15 degrees. For even greater ease of start install glow plugs in the cylinder head. From the Used Forklift Trucks For Sale this is a very important matter.

The package of options available for comfortable operation of forklifts in cold weather will depend on the series of equipment. For example, Komatsu loaders with a loading capacity of 10 tons, which are difficult to keep in a heated room, have an autonomous or network-powered preheater. Starting a smaller vehicle will make it easier to install high-capacity batteries and more powerful generators. Vauxhall Adam Personal Lease

Hydraulic system

At the beginning of the working day, after starting and heating the engine to 50 degrees, warm up the hydraulic fluid as well. To do this, lift the cargo mast several times up and down and away from you – in idle mode, and turn the steering wheel in both directions until it stops.

Accumulator battery

This component is vulnerability in electric trucks. At low temperatures, the battery capacity decreases, and if the battery is not sufficiently charged, the electrolyte in it can freeze at all. To avoid this trouble, make sure that charging is always above 75%. The electrolyte level should be about 15 cm below the upper border of the plate, and its density should not be below 1.27-1.29 g / cm 3 . And watch the mode of operation: no more than 30 minutes in the cold. The reason is the same – a decrease in battery capacity. Vauxhall Adam Used Cars

Fuel and grease

Take care in advance of changing the fuel and lubricating the forklift to a winter modification. Summer can cause great damage to the technology, since, thickened in the cold, will interfere with the normal movement of parts. It is recommended to use oil with reduced viscosity not only for the engine and hydraulic system, the lift chain also needs a “winter” lubrication. It is also worth recalling the need to change the proportions of the propane-butane mixture for loaders working on liquefied gas.

Fuel system

Pay special attention when preparing the truck for the winter to the fuel system. It is recommended to drain the entire contents of the fuel tank, remove the residue that has formed at the bottom and clean the tank. Fuel filters should be replaced with new ones.

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